Our Product

Fat Wally is proud to present these world-class, performance proven, fishing containers to you.
Unique to our manufacturing process, each double-wall box & lid is pressure filled with a dense foam-core interior that provides unrivaled strength and insulation.
Each Fat Wally is manufactured with expensive cast metal molds. Our cast molds, vs. the competition’s welded sheet metal molds, assures a perfect product every time. 
Our molds are promised to deliver outstanding ice retention performance, handsome looks, unmatched durability, and engineered features galore
Fat Wally defines both the serious sport fisherman and commercial day-boat fisherman. Excellent cooler performance that won’t damage your wallet.
*Our manufacturing base adheres to the ISO9000/9001 Standard of Quality and our products meet USDA/FDA & HACCP Approval & CFIA Certification for food contact.